Global Health & Wellness Awards program will help you recognises your contribution in your respective segment together with brand growth and Global Exposure. As a nominee you will be receiving promotional Digital Tool Kit which helps to achieve great exposure on all digital platforms, You will be eventually added on all our Media platforms and will be promoted as an official Nominee for the category you are participating. Participating and winning Global Health & Wellness Awards can stimulate continuous growth and development of your brand along with positioning your brand in this highly competitive global market.

Upon successful nomination, you will receive the marketing & branding benefits at Global Health & Wellness Awards program, such as:

  1. Nominee Badge
  2. Digital Banner for Nomination
  3. Voting Banners - Email Signature Banner
  4. Email Marketing Banners - Small & Medium Advertising Banner.
  5. Exclusive company Profile space on our Global Health & Wellness Awards website with your company details & descriptions.
  6. Contact Details of your team (whatsapp / socmed links)
  7. Options to generate Travel leads through your profile
  8. Listing of your company in Nominees/winner section for 1 year.

Yes, A fee of USD 100 / RM 450 will be applicable to Nominate your company / product to this award programme. Please refer terms & conditions.

To fit into any of the awards category mentioned, the organisations should be from health & wellness segment with a physical presence.

All Level winners are eligible to get the Winner Package. Following items are as part of the winner package.

  1. Award Gala Night Invitation. (Except virtual winners)
  2. Winner Trophy
  3. Winner Certificate
  4. Digital Winner Certificate
  5. Digital Winner Badge
  6. Company listed under winner circle for 5 years.
  7. Winner's Speech Video on the award portal & for social sharing
  8. PR Submission at TIN Media News Portal
  9. Press release distribution (PR Newswire/ Network of Partner Sites)
  10. Placement in Major News Sites (Google News, Bing News)
  11. Social Media Sharing of Announcements at TIN MEDIA
  12. Release Time Scheduling of winners interview
  13. Speacil promotional offers from MATID.
If you are opted for Ceremony Attendee package, in addition to the above mentioned you will get the entry for 2pax to the award ceremony happening in Penang.

Please reach out to our sponsorship team via secretariat@ghwawards.com

No, one company can only apply under 1 category.

All industry members are most welcome to purchase tickets to attend the Gala Awards Event.

The finalists will be announced through multiple source of communication. There will be a media release which will announce the finalist. Also, the entrants and industry stake holders will receive email directly. Apart from this, the finalists will be shared on Facebook/ Instagram and LinkedIn page of TIN Media / GHW Awards.

You may choose Virtual winner package.

We will dispatch the shipment of Winners Trophy & Award Certificate within 14 Working days after the award ceremony event. Digital copy will be email to you as per above timeline as well.

* The above delivery time is subject to change based on the availability and shipping feasibility. The above schedule is not inclusive of shipping duration. **

Public Voting is one of the important stages at Global Health & Wellness Awards , Every company will be offered a 30-60 days period for running campaigns collecting votes from your industry professionals / customers and your network.

You will be provided with the nominee dashboard access where you can track all your voting & points.

Point collection is the second most important feature for you to take lead from your competitor, There are various ways where you can collect and claim your points, please refer the table for details.

PR Submission - Every Paid PR 500 Points per PR
PR Submission - unpaid / other 200 Points per PR
Linkedin Post (Per New Post) 100 Points
Linkedin - Share 10 Points
Sharing Voting Page in Facebook / twitter / instagram / Pinterest 10 Points per platform
Placing Voting Banners / Badge on your website. 100 Points
WhatsApp Status Posting 100 Points
You will receive the following voting points whenever you do the above-mentioned promotional activities. In order to claim your voting points, You are required to submit the URL / screenshot of your campaigns.

The judging process involves a careful review of the entries submitted, looking at factors such as the uniqueness of the product or service, its impact on health and wellness, and its potential to make a significant difference in people's lives. Judges may also consider factors such as sustainability, affordability, accessibility, and scalability

Factors Considered during Final Jury Evaluation.
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Yes. We encourage you to submit press releases as much as possible. Let the world know that you bagged the trophy and you are the winner of Global Health & Wellness Awards.

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You may download the proposal file here